Steve “Teaching Bobcat” Aman, the Upstate New York Lead Elder, had this to say about the event; “I cannot tell you how proud I am of this Upstate New York community right now. Collectively, we just pulled off one of the finest gatherings of men and women from around the country, and the dozens and dozens of positive comments were truly a testament to this fact.

People loved Camp Cory, there were many positive comments about the food, the presenters rocked and our keynote speaker, Ross Quinn (and Christine), was received with tremendous interest and acclaim. We bookended the weekend with an awesome opening and closing ceremony, and we saw acts of courage and great wisdom rise to the surface over and over during the weekend.

Thank you to this community for looking at approaching this year in a significantly different manner from what we have done in the past. We suggested last fall when we first began discussing not holding an NWTA this fall, and then later and separately discussed holding the USAGE here in UNY that this would change the culture of our UNY community. I look forward with interest to watch and see just how that unfolds.”
Here are just some of the pictures from the weekend courtesy of Frank Verkley: